About Us

Hey there! I’m Caroline; a penny pinching, cheapskate frugalista, hippie, mom to my three sons and daughter, and the wife to an amazing, hard-working husband. We’re a normal family; we laugh, we love, and we drive each other crazy.

And while some people have hobbies like coin collecting, pilates, wine tasting… my hobby is saving money.

See, saving money has always come naturally to me. But it became a skill that I needed to survive when I found myself with my husband and our first baby in a tiny one bedroom apartment at 19 living off of his one income of $10 an hour.

We NEEDED to find ways to make it work on little to no money. I knew that if I went back to work – without a college degree – I would barely be making enough to cover the childcare that we needed while I was at work.

That was totally pointless! So from then on, I made it my full-time job to find ways to save money and earn money working from home.

Since then, my goal has been to share with other women how important it is to manage their money even on a tight budget. It’s a topic that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough, but I’m here today to tell you this.


What’s the real “WHY” here?

I started my blog in August 2015, honestly, because I was bored! Boredom doesn’t do me any favors. I had just had our third son and was feeling very isolated. I desperately needed adult interaction and a blog met that need!

I wanted to share our story in hopes of helping someone who is in the same place I once was.

We’ve lived off of my husband’s one income since we’ve been married, and until recently, he didn’t make a lot of money. I mean, he made $17,000 a year and we lived off of just that income for 4 years! It took a while, but we finally got the motivation that we needed to get serious about our budget and stick to it.

Once we had our budget in place, we were able to buy 2 cars, build up a savings account, and buy a house. If we were able to do all of that on such a low income, we knew that we could do anything that we set our minds, and our budget, to do!